5 Ways Toys Can Affect a Baby's Health

Agnieszka Calka-Bonczak

Posted on June 30 2020

5 Ways Toys Can Affect a Baby's Health

You might come across many debates about how to improve mental health of adults these days but no one ever talks about the fact that what is leading people to end up being so pessimistic have anger issues or why do they find giving up on life easier than struggling for survival. It the basics that we need to reevaluate! Let’s rewind it back to childhood. Have you ever put thought into buying your kid’s toys? Have you ever thought about what you are buying for them can have a long-lasting impact on their mental health and life? Here are how toys can affect your baby’s mental health and why you need to think twice before buying them:

  1. Better Hand and Eye Coordination:

At an early stage, when your child is 4-12 months old, toys can help them to develop better hand and eye coordination. As your child grows, their five senses start getting stronger too. Buying them toys that are either mobile or can emit light or produce sounds can help them become more physically active. Moreover, when they will learn to turn on or off a toy, they will become more confident as at their age, that would be a great achievement for them!

  1. Better Cognition:

From 12 months onward, a baby starts trying to discover new things and they become more inclined to touch and keenly look at every other thing that they see. They start getting to learn about new things. This is the best time to introduce them to problem-solving toys such as puzzles or blocks. This will help to stimulate their cognition and they will develop a sense of learning. 

  1. Learning Tools:

Toys can be the most amazing learning tools for your kids. You can introduce them to some basic concepts. For example, buying them a zoo will help them learn the names of animals. Likewise, they can learn the names of colors and shapes through toys. There are a number of toys available that are specific to professions, for example, one of the kid’s favorite these days is the doctor’s kid where there is different tiny equipment like injections, stethoscopes, etc. toys like these will help in developing curiosity in your kids and will enable them to develop a sense of direction and will prepare them to step into a life where they will be able to make career choices for themselves as per their interests. 

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