Wooden Toys are Genderless and Long-Lasting

Agnieszka Calka-Bonczak

Posted on June 01 2020

Wooden Toys are Genderless and Long-Lasting

You’re presented with a herculean task to pick a special gift for your little one on her birthday which is just a few days away. Your 9-5 job is draining, giving you less than enough time to go gift hunting. Browsing through the local kid’s department store is more of a burden. So what do you do? Shop online.

One gift item that kids will definitely love is a traditional wooden toy. There are lots of wooden toy options currently available on the market, leaving you spoilt for choice. You’ll find them in various colours, shapes, and variants. From the handmade wooden doll rocking cradle to a handmade wooden tractor and see-saw rocking board, dealqueen offers the latest BabyUniqueCorn voucher codes for a discount on your online orders. Unlike plastic toys that are produced en-mass, wooden baby toys are thoughtfully designed with the users in mind.

Wooden Toy Options

Prior to shopping for wooden toys, you should have done your research. Make sure your choice of toy matches the age group of the child. Wooden toys are ideal for ages 0 – 60 months (5 years). And there’s a toy for each stage of a baby’s life. Hence, you must choose wisely

  • For kids 0 – 3 months, get something that the baby will find soothing like a toy that plays cool baby music.
  • For kids 3 – 6 months, get wooden toys that the baby find amusing while she latches on to it. At this stage, a baby can hold on to objects.
  • For kids 6 – 9 months, shop for wooden toys that they can push along like a wooden push car or wooden bus. This stage is where kids start to learn to sit and crawl.
  • For kids 9 – 18 months, push along toys and other creative wooden toys will be ideal. From this age, the kid’s cognitive ability starts to develop.
  • For kids 1 – 5 years, get a wooden toy that feeds their imagination such as a handmade wooden ride on a plane, wooden kitchen, and wooden helicopter.

The child’s age should be taken into consideration when it comes to buying any kind of toy, whether wooden or plastic. 

Why Buy Wooden Toys

Toys made of wood have a range of benefits over every other material. These types of wood rarely come in colours that would make one identify it with a particular gender. Generally, toys on wheels are specific to boys while dulls or anything that has to do with role play are specific to girls, but a vast range of wooden toys can be used by both boys and girls. This simply means that wooden toys can be passed on to siblings, or relatives.

Also, most wooden toys do not run on batteries. Remember, toys that run on batteries are additional expenses as these batteries need to be replaced when down.

They last longer and are more durable. Kids are notorious for damaging things easily and toys are no exception. Wooden toys are built to withstand the harsh kids' environment, unlike plastic toys.


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