Will Organic Baby Toys Keep Your Baby Safe?

Agnieszka Calka-Bonczak

Posted on August 05 2020


Organic Baby Toys are unique and fun for your baby, plus it is a great way for you to help protect the environment and your baby's health.

Choosing the right organic baby toy is very important, so here is a guide to what you need to know to make the best choices. This to look for:

Avoid Lead in Toys

I don't know if you remember, a few years back, a considerable batch of toys from China has to be recalled because it the high lead levels they contain.

Lead poisoning presents excellent dangers, especially to children, since their immune systems are still developing.

So it is essential to avoid toys painted in lead-based paints. Lead paint has been banned for decades, but some environmentally conscious and frugal parents will buy second hand or vintage toys with all the best intentions but many of these toys may contain lead.

Tip: Simple rule; if you're not sure about the origin of a toy, don't buy it!

Unhealthy Toxins

One of the most significant benefits of choosing organic baby toys is knowing that they are not filled with unhealthy toxins. Although there are standards and guidelines set by the government for toy manufacturers, there are still products used during the manufacturing process that can cause harm to your children.

Tip: One of the best ways to know if their issues with your baby toys, is to regularly visit the product recall page on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website.

Flag Potentially Unsafe Toys

Being proactive is a great way to protect you, child, against certain toys, before they have been deemed unsafe by government agencies.

Specific Toxins To Look For:

Phthalates - this is used to make plastic toys more flexible.

Bisphenol A (BPA) - This is often found in baby bottles

Both of these toxins are banned in many places, but they may still slip through the system.

Tip: Sometimes, products containing these items can be found on discount stores and flea markets.

Is It Possible to Avoid Plastic Toys?

No, it is not, but you can choose BPA-free and PVC-free toys. This is the best way to ensure that plastic baby toys will not harm your child.

Safe Toy Buying Tips:

All art supplies you purchase must be labeled "non-toxic”

Monitor the toy recall websites

Check all toy labels for ingredients.

It can be very worrying to read about the toxins that some children toys may contain, the truth is that most US manufacturers abide by the strict standard set out by the government. But organic baby toys are a great option not only because it is better for your baby health, but it’s good for the environment, and that's the best gift you can give your baby.

Keep it simple: The best way to be safe and avoid any risk of buying toys with toxins is to choose Organic Baby Toys.

Organic Baby Toys are made of many environmentally friendly materials such as wood, bamboo, or other soft pesticide-free materials. One of the easiest ways to stop your baby from coming into contact with harmful toxins is to avoid plastic toys.


As organic products become more and more popular, parents everywhere are choosing organic products for their new baby. With everything from clothing (T-shirts, pants etc.) to food to bedding, you can easily find everything your baby might need. Organic baby toys are becoming more and more popular, as there are many more options available.

Cotton toys like teething rings, stuffed toys, and blankets are often the preferred choice of parents. The overall safety of these toys combined with the positive effects on the environment makes organic items the likely choice. There are even organic baby toys such as stacking toys, wooden toys and rattles to keep baby busy and healthy. Whatever toys parents might want for their new bundle of joy, it's easy to find organic items.

For parents who want interactive toys for babies, puppets and other toys are popular. There are even riding toys and swings that are organic. As organic items become more popular, there will be even more options available. From birth through all of childhood, parents can keep babywearing and using organic items. Adorable fashions and fun organic baby toys are popular choices. Whatever style parents might like, there are many varieties in the way of organic items.

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