The Ultimate Baby Swing Sleep Guide For Swing Hating Babie

Agnieszka Calka-Bonczak

Posted on March 15 2020

Hello parents

Having a newborn?

Bought the best swing available in the market?

Invested a good amount out of your budgets and still your baby doesn't enjoy it?

Furthermore hate to sleep in it?

don't worry dear you are at the right place. here we will provide you with the ultimate guide that will help those parents struggling with swing hating babies.

I am not talking about a bit grown up kids and their swings, definitely when the kids grow up they start loving the swings. 

I'm talking about the newborns who just want to stay close to their parents and are happy in their lap.So when ever you need your both hands and try to put them in a wooden swing or ceiling swing they get restless and start screaming.

Why do few newborns hate their swings?

Definitely to resolve the problem we need to figure it out. There can be several reasons which are causing your baby to get annoyed with that swing which was supposed to ease him and relax him.

let's highlight the few most important and most common problems which can cause your baby to panic while he is in his luxury swing.

Isolation and Insecurity

The very first reason can be, that your baby feels isolated or insecure while he or she is in the swing. As we all know that the newborn spends his first nine months in a mother's Womb.that is actually one of the most coziest and safest places on earth.

Noise Issues

The other reason can be an extra clam environment. Yes an extra calm or a very noisy(not talking about white noise) environment both can cause you baby panic while he is in the swing

Uncomfortable position or Accessory 

Your swing might be not offering the most suitable position which is appropriate or acceptable for your kid while he is sleeping.

Maybe the seat or any other accessory which is here to provide the comfort is actually causing uncomfort to the kid.

Wrong Placing of BabySwing

Sometimes we misunderstand our kids as sweet little innocent creatures who can't understand the things surrounding them. But this is our misconception, our kids may have more awareness about their surroundings then we have. 

As they are facing the least distractions in their early ages and observing their environment to the maximum. so putting his swing on a new or wrong place can also be the problem.

How To Handle A Kids Hatred For His Swing?

Once you have determined the problem you can resolve it and help your baby to form a happy relationship with his baby swing .

For buying the best baby swings, do consult babyswingclub and be aware of the cheap products 

now let's come to some other practical solutions which you will actually find helpful in settling down your baby with his swing.

Swaddle your baby

This can be very effective in eliminating the discomfort of the baby, while he is in the swing. The very first reason which causes a baby to dislike his swing is insecurity. While a baby is in a mother's womb he feels himself secure.

Swaddling your baby gives a bit of the same feeling of womb. Moreover help your baby not only to sleep well and a bit longer but also make him feel safe in the swing as well. 


Note:swaddling around the legs is not necessary as it will help you to strap the baby in the swing. Moreover swaddling is more effective around arms; it doesn't have to do much with legs.

Buying White Noise Swings

While choosing a swing for your baby make sure that it is the best music swing available in the market.

And believe me one studded with your favourite music might not be the best for you kid.So look for a swing that has a palenty on white noise options. Or a best Mp3 baby swing can help you to choose the most soothing options for your kid.

A good white noise will keep your baby engaged and the other disturbing noises of the environment will not affect him much. So he will feel the comfort of the womb once again where he had minimum disturbance of the outer world.

And will start loving his swing indeed. That will be the most perfect place for him after his parents lap.

Note: white noise is not a soft noise but is a constant noise that is higher than a baby cry and a bit lower than a lawnmower. 

Be With Your Baby In The Swing

When Your baby loves you so much that he hates to be away from you. Will certainly don’t like his swing as he can't feel you anymore around him or her. Now you need to be a bit tricky to solve this issue.

It's still not very tough, as you don't need to lie down by your kid's side in the swing LoL.You just need to put some of your belongings like your used shirt or even your bra somewhere in the swing. In this way he will get an illusion of having you with him or her in the swing.

Follow The Track

As here we are dealing with a cute little innocent soul so we should avoid experimentation.Because the newborns don't make many changes as they are already struggling a lot in adopting the new world.

Moreover the kids panic in a new scenario and seek shelter in his mother's lap. So if you want your baby to settle down in a swing follow a track like don’t switch the rooms where he sleeps. try to use one kind of sound while he is sleeping, keep the same light patterns.

If you have to switch the routine for some reason try to come back to the previous routine as soon as possible. Moreover add some interesting activities for your kid before going to the

Swing. Like nursing your kid before putting him in his best music swing will become a positive association with the swing time.

Wrapping Up 

Don't force your kid in any situation if your kid is disliking the swing despite resolving all above mentioned issues.Make sure that there is nothing in the swing that is actually hurting the baby. As some time any wrong position or any irritating accessory can be the reason. Replacing or removing it can be as important as other factors. Hope this article will help you and your baby to fall in love with baby swings.

Happy Parenting! 

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