Tips to Choose A Bed House for Your Toddler

Agnieszka Calka-Bonczak

Posted on February 17 2021

Tips to Choose A Bed House for Your Toddler

Your child is your most prized possession and ensuring their contentment and exhilaration is the foremost requirement. If your child is a toddler then there are several things you need to tend to and take care of as toddlers demand a lot of care and supervision. When your baby starts walking that’s when you realize you need to upgrade the crib to a toddler bed. 

There are several things you need to look into before getting your toddler a bed for himself. 

When to change from crib to bed?

If your child is between the age of 1 to 3 then that is the ideal time to transition to a toddler bed from a cot but that’s not necessary. If your child can climb out of the crib or feels uneasy in there then you need to change his sleeping place. Whereas, if they still have not started walking and do not feel disturbance then you can keep your cot to up to 1.5 years. your child might have started washroom training so getting out of bed is easier compared to a high raised crib.

Is getting a toddler bed worth it?

Some parents like to purchase a twin-size bed when transitioning from crib to a bed. They think it will save up the cost and last longer but toddler beds are more suitable for kids aged 1-3. Twin size beds or beds in the use of teens are too big for a toddler. They are high from the ground and without rails. Your child may show signs of discomfort and perplexity in it. Whereas, toddler beds are just the ones for your little one. They provide comfort and security. They are lower to the ground so people incorporate sliding storage drawers underneath the bed where your toddler can store his favorite toy car, his sporty polo shirts, or his prized possessions. 

Is the room safe?

Make certain that the room of your toddler is secured. It shouldn’t have any open windows, gas leakage points, and electricity board in reach of the child. Install a baby monitor that comes in various varieties ranging from Wi-Fi to audio and video monitor. They come with a display screen and speaker. This prevents any mishap from happening as the baby is always being screened. 

Visit Furniture Stores

You cannot plump for a perfect bed right away; you need to do a bit of hassle to get the right bed for your child. To get a comfortable and fascinating bed for your young one, visit some children's furniture store and look at what is trendy. 

It is your toddler's first time to be getting to sleep in a bed so let them decide for themselves what design they want for themself. For instance, if it’s a girl you can get her a princess themed, bed or if it is a boy go for a car-themed bed. This is for the appearance but as far the comfort and making is concerned you need to take stock of it.

Picking the right bed

There are numerous details you need to look into when looking for a good toddler bed. It should have the following qualities

●       Heavy-duty 

Your child would be doing a lot of cavorting on the bed so make sure you get a sturdy one that doesn’t break due to their leaping.

●       Round edged frame

Avoid buying pointed furniture from the edges or with a design that might injure your child. Keep the bed frame simple and uncluttered.

●       Low furniture

If you get a high bed for your toddler you will always fear him falling off the bed thus, low furniture is the best choice. You can even make use of the crib mattress and would not feel the need of purchasing a new bed. Set the mattress on the floor with a carpet underneath and you are good to go. 


Frame Design

Finding an ideal frame design for the bed is the crux of the matter but do not dwell on it we have got you covered. If you get a slightly raised bed then you need to look for an enclosed frame with rails surrounding it. This will let your child easily grab onto the rails and climb up and down the bed. Besides, you won't have to worry about your child falling while sleeping as he will be protected by the frame. 

If you opt for loft beds it might not be a good choice since there will remain a constant fear of your toddler falling off the ladder thus it is advisable to avoid bunk beds till they become a school-aged child.



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