Tiny Star Multifunctional Baby Cocoon... WHY SO UNIQUE?

Artur Bonczak

Posted on April 29 2017

Imitating the warm, soft enclosure of an expectant tummy, Tiny Star’s multifunctional baby cocoon, in a cute and quirky design, provides security and comfort for dreaming little ones. 

A great alternative to traditional tight wraps and cones, the cocoon’s unique shape allows a baby to freely place their toes against its walls, which is important for the correct development of hip joints. The cocoon’s practicality also makes it an instant essential as a matt for play, to soften buggy rides and is easily foldable for weekends away. The cocoon is best used:

In bed with Mum and Dad as a protection against hovering, squashing or going missing under the covers (especially for parents who plan to sleep with their baby)

In the cot as its high edges make it easy to put a baby on their side, which is important when baby has reflux

On the sofa to prevent your little one from rolling off high surfaces, provided that there is no wriggling or moving


  • IMPORTANT: cocoon must NOT be used as a carry case. Do not carry your baby around in this product.
  • Suitable for 0 – 6 months (and beyond)
  • Packed in a cotton pouch with our logo.
  • Double-sided to change the colour scheme
  • Adjustable edges using a cotton cord
  • External dimensions: 80x40cm, internal dimensions: 70x30cm (+/- 2cm)
  • Materials: High quality 100% cotton fabric with original print - registered design
  • Filling: 1st grade, anti-allergenic, 100% polyester

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