Teepee Is it new adventure?

Artur Bonczak

Posted on May 14 2017

Wendy houses are no longer on trend in the world of kids home or garden play! This year it's all about teepees and we bet you'd never guess where this lovely lot are from...

A kids teepee is the perfect place for your child to engage in imaginative play. Kids love turning a teepee into their own private imaginary world. A kid’s teepee is also a great place to curl up and read, or nap when your child needs a quiet place to rest.

My three-year-old daughter is always looking for a place she can gather her toys in and hide out. There is nothing like a hidden location to create a little play time magic. She also enjoys quiet time in her teepee snuggled up with a book and a stuffed animal or two. Check out shop for kids teepees and send your child on some imaginative adventures.

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