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Agnieszka Calka-Bonczak

Posted on January 15 2019

Our Top Tips For Getting Your Little Ones Off to Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep is imperative for our little one’s development. Sleeping soundly can help their brains develop, their bodies to grow and their minds to absorb everything that they have learned during the day. Plus if they sleep well, then you will too! With all of this in mind we have compiled a few of our top tips for getting your little ones off to sleep soundly at night time.

Use amber to ease teething issues

As a more holistic approach to the teething issues that keep young children up at night, this could be a really great way to help overcome the sleeping irregularities that your child, and by extension you, are experiencing. One of the tried and true spiritual ways of being able to ease the teething problems in young children is by using Amber. The stone is said to release acid when warmed by your child's skin. This chemical is then absorbed by your child and helps to alleviate the symptoms of teething. Getting Amber beads for your child is said to be a great way to help reduce their swollen gums and pain.

High quality bedding and pillows

One of the most important aspects involved in getting your little ones off to sleep is having high quality and comfortable bedding. It is important that your child is neither too hot nor too cold when they are trying to sleep. Making sure that they are comfortable and clean at night is a great way to ensure that they will fall off to sleep nicely. Make sure you test the quality and comfort of the bedding that your child already has. Does it feel rough or soft? Does it have an appealing texture? Is it the right size for your child to fit under? Do they ever have skin irritation due to certain materials that may be similar to their current bedding? Either way, make sure that you assess the quality of your child’s bedding. Getting them off to sleep is just as much about comfort as it is about anything else. Be sure to check out online discount promo codes when looking for new bedding for your child. This will help you to save money on your child’s bedding

Soft toys and comfort

Letting your child take his/her favourite toy to bed is a great way to make them feel comfortable and happy. Your child is a lot more likely to fall asleep quickly if they are in a good mood. A grumpy or angry child can divert sleep and become irritable. Make sure that your child is happy by letting them take their favourite stuffed animal to bed with them.

Getting your child to exercise during the day

One of the best ways that you can get your child off to sleep at night is by wearing them out during the day. There are plenty of ways that you can do this. Make sure that they are stimulated both physically and mentally. Here are a few ideas for keeping the kids busy during the day:

  • Physical exercise: Get your children running around, playing games outdoors, going for walks or playing their favourite sports. This will ensure that you child’s body is nice and ready to relax by the time that bedtime comes around. It is also a great way to promote muscle and strength development in your child. The more exercise they are having, the more their muscles will be able to develop.
  • Mental exercise: Stimulating your child mentally is another great way to make sure that they sleep a lot better at night time. Try getting them to practice the alphabet, learn something new or play a game that requires them to utilise problem solving skills. This will help your children to sleep at night as well as giving them a head start in their cognitive development.

Eating the right foods

Filling your children's stomachs up with the right food is another fabulous way that you can help them to sleep at night. Try to avoid giving them anything too sugary in the evenings as this will promote energy rather than decrease it. Make sure that they are filling up on a healthy diet of fruit, vegetables and meat. This will help to keep their body nutricional at the same time as allowing healthy sleeping routines.

Bedtime stories

A great way to get your children off to sleep is by reading them a classic children's bedtime story. Pick a relaxing story that utilises rhythm and rhyme in order to help your child fall asleep. Hearing your voice and knowing that you are in the room is often one of the things that help your child feel safe and secure, and thus they fall asleep a lot quicker. You can always sneak out of the room once the story is finished!

The power of routine

There is nothing quite like the power of routine. It is just as important for children as it is for adults. It is easy and simple to get our bodies into specific routines. These routines mean that we are training our bodies to do specific things at specific times, sometimes to the point that they are completely subconscious acts. Have you ever woken up just one minute before your daily alarm clock, even though it’s the weekend? That is your routine letting your body know that it is time to wake up. Getting your child into a steady and unchanging routine is a great way to ensure that they will sleep better at night. Make sure that they go to bed and get up at the same time each day and eventually the process will become unconscious and automatic for them.

There are so many different things that you can do to help your child sleep at night. Just some of these include using Amber to alleviate teething problems, investing in some high quality bedding, letting your children sleep with their favourite teddy and wearing them out both physically and mentally during the day. You could also consider reading to them at bedtime, getting them to eat wholesome foods and establish a strongly repetitive sleeping routine with them. The combination of a few or all of these techniques will promote a happy and healthy sleeping routine into your child's lifestyle. May your bedtime be more peaceful than ever!

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