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Agnieszka Calka-Bonczak

Posted on December 30 2018

Furniture for Kids: How to Pick the Things That They’ll Love

Finding the perfect furniture for your child’s room can have a really positive impact on their mood and development. Though finding items that are both practical and in line with your child’s unique personality can prove challenging. With this in mind we have compiled a list of the furniture that your kids will love. So from storage chests, childrens armchairs and playroom swings to bunk beds and proper shelving, you’re sure to find some great kids furniture inspiration here!

Playroom storage spaces

One of the more practical things to think about in the process of picking the perfect furniture for your kid’s room is the storage space. This is one of the most commonly overlooked pieces of furniture, but it is also one of the most important. Having a chest, bookcase, cupboard or chest of draws to keep all of your child’s clothes, games, toys and bits and pieces in is a hugely important part of curating a room that they will love. There are a few things that you need to consider in your endeavour to buying your child their storage space and these are outlined below:

  • Something safe: Getting something that promotes safety is one of the first things that you need to consider when looking into your child's storage options. If you are getting a storage chest for then you will need to make sure that the lid is not too heavy. If you are getting a bookcase then make sure that is is properly fixed to the wall. If you are getting a chest of draws then make sure the draws are all within reach of your child and that they will not have to climb anything to reach them.
  • Large enough: Make sure that the storage option that you go for is definitely big enough! No one wants to end up with too little storage!
  • Colours: Make sure that you are also considering what it is that your child wants at the same time as considering safety! Get them some storage space with funky patterns in in their favourite colour to encourage them to use the product appropriately.

Playroom swings

This is a really great way to add a bit of fun, style and luxury into your child's bedroom. Playroom swings are specially designed to hang in children’s rooms and let them have a little glide. This is the kind of indoor decorative piece that your child will certainly be thanking you for later! There are a range of different designs that you can choose from and they look perfect in princess themed bedrooms!

The importance of a table and chairs

Having a good quality table and chairs is a really great way to help your child develop. It will help to get them used to sitting at a table and undergoing tasks. Whether they love colouring, playing or simply want a snack, sitting at their own small table and chair will help them to get used to the process for later in life. Plus you can get them a table and chairs in their favorite colours too!

Get them the best beds

This really is the pinnacle piece of your child's room. So why not make it as fun as possible? Think hand crafted bunk beds or covered house beds. Swapping out your child's standard single bed for something a little more fun will encourage them to really enjoy their bedtimes. They’ll be more excited to go to sleep than you are!

Get the bedding that they’ll really love

There are a range of different bedding options that you can choose from, especially when you take a look at online promo codes for household retailers. The best part about choosing the bedding for your child is the fun that comes with it. There is a certain amount of freedom in choosing the perfect bedding for your child. There are so many different colours, designs and patterns out there that you won’t be short of options. So get your child involved and let them select their favourite style, characters and colours.

There are so many things to consider when crafting a bedroom design that your child will love, but making sure that you get them involved and choose specific designs and colours with them in mind then you will be along the right track. So make sure that you consider playroom storage, swings, tables and chairs, the best beds and some great bedding to match. And don’t forget to always tie their furniture in with safety too. May your most important decision today be which colour to get your new furniture in!

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