A Miniature World

Agnieszka Calka-Bonczak

Posted on November 28 2018

A Miniature World: How Doll’s Houses Can Enhance Your Children's Play Time

Education and learning development go hand in hand with your child’s playtime. One of the best ways that you can induce creative development in your child is through the use of a doll’s house. The magic of miniature worlds and the exercise on the imagination that they inspire can have a hugely positive effect on your child’s development. Plus they get to have a whole lot of fun while they do it! Take a little look at how doll’s houses can help to enhance your child's learning during play time.

Exercising the imagination

All toys help children to exercise their imaginations, but a doll's house has a fairly dynamic edge. The domestic feel of the doll’s house is a great way to get your child used to the inner workings of a home environment while simultaneously allowing them to incorporate their own made up worlds into them. Your child may include a different routine into their imaginary world, or they may create a magical narrative or an adventurous story while playing with their dolls house. This is a really great way to let your child think beyond the simple structure of a home by imagining their own rituals, routines and stories.

Sparking creativity

A great way that you can spark your child’s creativity is through a doll’s house. Letting your child decorate their house, pick out or make some interior furniture for it and imagine the stories that could take place within its walls is a really great way that you can help to spark their creativity. Creative development is hugely important in young children, and it is often when we are young that our creativity is at its strongest. So let your child really harness the art of creating by investing in a beautifully crafted doll’s house.

Inspiring vocal development

Doll’s houses are a great way to enhance a child's vocal development. Most child’s play, whether with other children or alone, includes talking. Making sounds, noises, words and sentences while playing is a great way for your children to develop their speech and so a doll's house is the perfect way to induce vocal development. The child may have characters within the doll’s house, or they may want to explain how they have decorated their house to you. Either way they will be developing both their vocal abilities and their use of language.

Organisational skills

Your child's organisational skills can be majorly enriched through the induction of a doll’s house into their play time. By stocking the house with kitchenware, beds, cabinets and plenty of other household miniatures you can start testing your child's abilities to organise it appropriately. Organisational skills are an important part of learning development in children, so letting them develop in this area while having fun at the same time is a great way to help your little one grow.

Social development

Whether your child is playing with another child, or whether they are using two dolls to communicate, they will be developing their social interactionary understanding. Not only can they envisage the typical functions of conversation, but they can also explore the use of language and thus social interactions too. Letting more than one child play with a doll’s house is another fabulous way to help them build up their social skills. Being able to share their house with other children will help them to understand the social conventions around sharing goods, communicating with other children and establishing friendships.

Craft your own miniatures

Another way that your childs play time can be enhanced is through crafting their own miniatures for their house. Whether their doll wants a new TV, a tiny table and chair set or a brand new bedroom makeover, making these little bits is a great way to let your child engage with their creativity. You can find a range of online voucher codes that offer savings on crafting goods, so the process doesn't have to cost you a lot. This is a really great way to help develop your child's craftsmanship while letting them have fun too.

Just pure fun

Ultimately one of the most beneficial things about a doll’s house for your child is the fun that they inspire. A doll’s house can teach your child about creativity, imagination, vocal development, social interaction and organisation, but ultimately it is all about letting them be well entertained. The miniature words that doll’s housed provide and the beauty that handcrafted ones produce make them the dream toy to have. Doll's houses is about having fun while letting your child be mentally enriched and this makes them the greatest toys of all.

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